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Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy which works on the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands corresponding to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. Stimulating these reflexes with gentle pressure, can assist well-being in a safe and natural way. Reflexology also facilitates a deep state of relaxation, that can help with a variety of heath conditions.
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Mindfulness Reflexology is available for people suffering with stress, anxiety, or feeling 'down'. It is also available for people wanting to give positive intent to a specific issue. My Mindfulness Reflexology program combines meditation with reflexology and is available as a course of treatments, and self-help ideas to help you through a difficult period. Mindfulness is supported by the NHS and National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).
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Reflexology for
Women's Health

Reflexology to assist with the powerful and transforming processes unique in all stages of a women’s life: puberty, menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, menopause. Also, issues unique to women such as gynaecological and urological medical conditions and breast and gynaecology related cancers providing support via the gentle and nurturing therapy of reflexology.
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So what's Daisy Daydream all about?

Daisy Daydream provides professional treatments to people in the Cardigan and surrounding areas of West Wales, focusing mostly on Reflexology, but also Mindfulness too. My treatment packages are combined with the application of special herbal and goats-milk skincare products and takes place in a peaceful and comfortable setting, promoting total relaxation.

Will Reflexology help me?

Most probably. Reflexology can help you to feel good. The method used, helps the body release Endorphins – the body's 'happy hormone', also a natural pain killer. Reflexology can help reduce everyday stresses and strains, aiding relaxation, improving circulation, thereby revitalising energy levels. It can also be used to aid the restoration and maintenance of the body’s natural equilibrium, encouraging natural feelings of wellness. Reflexology can also be incorporated into a preventative healthcare lifestyle, which is becoming more and more important in modern life, as we continue to realise the damage caused to health by our environment.

What can I expect?

An initial consultation will take place at the first session, followed by an investigatory treatment. An individualised treatment plan is then tailor-made to reflect your needs.
After that, a typical treatment will last approximately 1 hour depending on what you require. I value quality care over rigid time-frames. A relaxing foot soak, prior to starting the hands-on treatment, will be offered if you wish allowing us to catch up, and for you to enjoy your treatment afterwards without the need for conversation – in total relaxation. Average course of treatment depends on the condition. Usually at least 5-6 treatments is suggested to see therapeutic benefits, though most people feel the wonderful potential of reflexology after 1-2 sessions. Allergies will be catered for and alternatives provided if needed.

Where am I located?

Daisy Daydream is conveniently located in Llangoedmor, just 1.5 miles from Cardigan just off the A484 (see map). Treatments are located in a lovely, private, detached studio within a quiet small-holding. The studio is warm and cosy with the feeling of comfort throughout. A range of teas are on tap and refreshments provided. Parking is ample, with easy access.